Pick and Pack Fulfillment Service in China

With more than 99.98% picking & packing rate and less than 0.003% discrepancy, SFC ensures the shipment of every order from China to your customer's door.

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Why Choose SFC as Your Pick and Pack Warehouse

  • Refined and automated picking & packing process

    Keep Parcel Lightweight To Reduce Shipping Costs

    The SFC packing team ensures each product is packed with the optimal packing materials and selects appropriately sized boxes to maintain a compact and lightweight package.

    Detailed breakdowns of storage, picking, and shipping costs are accessible via the dashboard.

    The SFC warehouse management system employs a strategic mix of weight assessments, visual inspections, and barcode verifications to accurately and efficiently pick and pack the correct items.

  • SFC Ensures Parcel Safety Under All Conditions

    SFC's extensive selection of packing solutions encompasses unmarked boxes, bubble wrap, corner guards, packing tape, and more, tailored to protect your items comprehensively.

    Committing to unmatched safeguarding, SFC skilled packers employ precise techniques to secure your orders for transport resilience.

    Particularly for delicate items, the SFC packing team emphasize the necessity of reinforced packaging. To guarantee their secure transit, we advise the use of specific, robust packing materials.

    The right packing materials will keep the
parcel intact
  • Custom packing for your brand

    Diverse Packaging Solutions for Every Sales Approach

    Offering fully customizable, branded packaging with no minimum order, tailored to align with your brand identity

    Enhance your offerings with value-added services like kitting and straightforward product assembly.

    Elevate customer loyalty and stimulate sales through marketing inserts and real-time online tracking for your customers.

  • Streamlined Storage, Picking & Packing, and Shipping Process

    SFC advanced fulfillment software enhances the efficiency of SFC picking staff by directing them along the most effective routes within the warehouse, significantly speeding up item retrieval.

    SFC leverages PDA and barcode technologies to maximize the productivity of order picking and packing. Through a meticulous blend of weight verification, visual inspections, and barcode validations, we also ensure unparalleled accuracy in order fulfillment.

    Daily, SFC expertly handle over 500,000 orders, ensuring they are picked & packed, and shipped on the same day for prompt delivery.

    Efficient storing, picking, packing and shipping

How Does SFC Pack Your Packages

Discover the efficiency and precision of SFC's pick and pack process with the exclusive video.

SFC picking and packing services empower you to offer customized products while outsourcing fulfillment. Leveraging the SFC expert team, we provide dependable kitting and order fulfillment solutions, enabling you to enrich your product offerings with valuable kits without overstocking inventory.

SFC Pick and Pack Services Help E-commerce and Crowdfunding Growth

I was amazed that the decks were so perfectly protected inside that they arrived in absolutely perfect condition.


We've been working with SFC for two years. They always pick, pack and ship-out my orders on the same day without any mistakes, and the packing is perfect and affordable.


We have an all-inclusive solution for ecommerce fulfillment

Store and Inventory Management

Store and Inventory Management

Efficient Order Fulfillment

Efficient Order Fulfillment

Reliable Global Logistics

Reliable Global Logistics

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